Recruit Mod'Spé Paris Central Europe students

Businesses can submit an internship offer, “professionalization” contract offer or job offer here.

Internships and work and study programmes allow for the practical application of knowledge acquired and progressive understanding of the specifics of fashion sector businesses.


The internships, authorized through a signed convention with the host companies, are mandatory and validated by a written report. An additional oral presentation before a jury of teachers and professionals is required for the final term internship.

A two to four-month internship allows students to discover the development of a collection, its production and commercialization.

At the end of the third year, a two to five-month internship provides students with the opportunity to put into practice the knowledge acquired from the MODSPE Paris Central Europe program. 80-90% of our graduate students are hired by their host companies after the termination of their final senior year internships.

Internships can be carried out in Slovakia or abroad in which case students are invited to take advantage of the school’s network of international partners

Internship schedule:
  • First year “Fashion Product Manager”: two to four months, from June to October
  • Second year “Fashion Product Manager”: two to four months, from June to October
  • Third year “Fashion Product Manager”: two to five months, from May to October

Below is a list of the various internships/work and study programmes MOD'SPE Paris students have participated in

  • Production Assistant at Isabel MARANT
  • Purchasing Assistant at JENNYFER
  • Product Manager’s Assistant at CELIO
  • Merchandising Assistant at ZAPA
  • Visual Merchandising Assistant at Galeries Lafayette
  • Purchasing Assistant at TARA JARMON
  • Marketing Assistant at Vente-Privé
  • Sales Assistant at GANT
    Product Manager’s Assistant – COTELAC
  • Merchandising Assistant – ZAPA
  • Marketing and Communication Assistant – JENNYFER
  • Product Manager’s Assistant – BEAUMANOIR Group
  • Junior Licensing Technician – Marithé François GIRBAUD
  • Purchasing Assistant – SWOON

Benefits for the employer

  • Payment by the company’s OPCA of all or part of the employee’s training costs
  • An exemption from the employer’s social security charges (with special conditions for those under the age of 26 and over the age of 45).
  • The contract holder is not counted in the calculation of the company’s total number of employees.
  • Integration of a student-employee who has a Master 1 (post-graduate) degree at a salary that is equal to or lower than minimum wage.
Compensations table
Less than 21 years of age 65% of minimum wage
From 21 to 26 years of age 80% of minimum wage
26 years of age and older Minimum wage or 85% of the minimum salary set out in the collective agreement


MOD’SPE Paris Central Europe makes an employment office available to students and graduates, which provides them with support and counselling as they search for an internship or a job. It also facilitates their access to job offers from businesses. MOD’SPE Paris also sends job offers from business associations, businesses in the sector and recruitment agencies to former students.

Student projects, internships

Students in their last years at Mod’Spe Paris Central Europe, as well as foreign students coming to Mod’Spe Paris Central Europe within an exchange program (all English speakers) always search for an opportunity to gain more professional experience.

Your company is a fashion company :

  • You would like to offer an internship where the working language is English
  • You would like to offer an internship in English-speaking country
  • You would like to carry out a study or you have an international project to develop

Think about students ! They will be very enthusiastic about getting involved into your project. Their theoretical knowledge and practical skills will be an asset to your project.

Contact the employment office

Fabrice Raoul
Tél : +33 1 48 24 82 58