Join MOD'SPE Paris CE

  • You want to study fashion within a dynamic, creative and every year more international institution…
  • You want to get information about events and happening in Paris and crack the secret of the famous French elegance and style directly from the source
  • You look for a high quality education recognized by professionals of fashion industry…

Mod’Spé Paris, strong with its 20 years of experience in Fashion Marketing educational programs prepares students for a successful career in fashion industry also in the campus Mod’spé Paris Central Europe. You will acquire valuable knowledge and develop professional skills that will enable your success.

The Campus France (The French National Agency for the promotion of higher education, international student services, and international mobility) membership of Mod’Spé Paris demonstrates our ongoing commitment to contribute to international mobility of all students. It also confirms the high level of Mod’Spé academic programs.

Campus France maintains more than 60 local sites managed by its offices abroad. Those sites provide basic information in the 30 languages used by Campus France to help prospective students explore their interest in the possibility of studying in France.

Mod’Spé Paris is also a part of Campus Art network. For more information about our academic programs visit:

Regular program

MOD’SPE Paris CE offers these academic and career options :

  • 3-year Fashion Product Manager program offers a specialization in fashion marketing.
  • 2-year coop program Fashion Product Development Director prepares high-level professionals in international and intercultural management in Fashion Marketing domain.

Your are a foreign student and you would like to study at Mod’Spé Paris CE in Slovakia. Please follow our common admission procedure as described here…


  • Download your application form, fill it in, join the required documents and send it to MOD’SPE Paris Central Europe.
  • Every document written in languages other than English should be accompanied by its translation in English language or by an equivalent document.
  • Upon reception of your application we will proceed with the admission procedure. If your application is selected you will receive an invitation for the recruitment session. If you are unable to attend for physical or other personal reasons you should inform us as soon as possible. We will then propose you a phone or skype interview in English.
  • A formal decision will be sent to you within maximum two weeks after the recruitment session or phone interview.
  • As soon as you receive your Acceptance Letter you should start organizing your stay in Bratislava.

Special requirements

  • A certified English is required for any foreign diploma, grades, previously followed programs curriculum. For better understanding of your application every detail related to your previous education is important.
  • All our courses are taught in English, therefore you should demonstrate a proficiency in English to apply. TOIEC or TOEFL is required as minimum for all non English speakers.

*TOIEC: Test of English for International Communication
*TOEFL: Test of English as a Foreign Language

Tuition fees

Tuition fees are to be paid in two times. The two checks for the total amount should be given as a deposit at the validation of admission. In case the student application is admitted by MOD’SPE Paris Central Europe the first payment is asked to validate the administrative inscription. This amount is not subject to reimbursement except cases of force majeur and failure in acquisition of diploma certifying the required access level of a student.

  • Fashion Product Manager: For EU citizens the tuition for this program is fixed to 7850 euros per year. For non EU citizens it is of 10700 euros. For direct admissions in the second year, the tuition fees for EU citizens are of 8950 euros and of 12200 euros for non EU citizens.