MOD'SPE Paris Central Europe : your business partner

The MOD’SPE Paris Central Europe expertise in fashion marketing is very much in demand internationally. Many missions of educational engineering were successfully completed by MOD’SPE Paris including specific academic program development, teaching staff training, seminars and dual diploma programs.

Seminars and trainings

Mod’Spé Paris Central Europe offers tailor-made seminars and courses for all fashion industry businesses. Our experts are able to deliver courses in our premises or in any other location the company would chose. The duration of seminars and training programs depends on the customer’s specific requirements.

Topics covered ( This list is not exhaustive)

  • Sales strategy
  • Brand protection
  • Licensed business growth
  • Working with graduates
  • Sales and development strategy
  • Designing a business plan
  • Distribution / Managing a point of sales
  • Sales techniques and customer relationship management
  • Communicating and developing loyalty
  • Purchasing planning and negotiation (for retailers)
  • Visual merchandising
  • New merchandising trends
  • Various software programs
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Online competitive intelligence
  • E-commerce Using foreign languages in the fashion industry

Assistance for companies

Mod’Spé Paris Central Europe works with a group of high qualified professionals to provide support and assistance to international companies. Our services include:

  • Assessing the specific skills needs for key positions within fashion industry
  • Assessing existing training programs, teaching and learning methods

Mod’Spé Paris Central Europe’s experts are able to provide support and advice to companies in the following areas:

  • visual merchandising
  • communication
  • international development strategy
  • knowledge of specific markets
  • product analysis and collection presentation
  • control of manufacturing, logistics and quality
  • negotiation techniques and purchasing
  • brand building
  • e-business

Examples of our service performance

  • Auditing and consulting services to support the development of the fashion industry in Pakistan.
  • Assessment and recommendations for the fashion industry in South Korea.
  • Market research to assess the viability of a fashion marketing school in Seoul, South Korea.
  • Market research to assess the viability of a fashion marketing school in Bucharest, Romania.
  • Market research to assess the viability of a fashion marketing school in Tunis, Tunisia.

Research department

With its exceptionally high level of skills and expertise, Mod’Spé Paris Central Europe is able to conduct research on behalf of both international businesses and foreign public institutions.

In most cases, the school is asked to conduct analysis of specific textile/clothing industry sectors, often leading to the delivery of training programs.

Work of this type has been completed or is currently ongoing in South Korea, China, Romania, Egypt, Morocco, Russia, Tunisia and Pakistan.

Mod’Spé Paris Central Europe offers auditing and consulting services for fashion companies, educational institutions, professionals and public authorities, particularly in countries where the fashion industry is in desperate need of professional skills and modernization.

Educational partnerships

Mod’Spé Paris Central Europe is frequently approached by foreign higher education institutions wishing to develop their academic programs in « Fashion Marketing/Merchandising » and/or «Design ». In response to these requests Mod’Spé Paris Central Europe conducts an assessment of local academic gaps and develops the complete academic program to address these needs. If your institution wishes to turn to qualified professionals in « Fashion Marketing/Merchandising » and/or « Design » education programs Mod’Spé Paris Central Europe will develop a proposal that meets best your needs. Within these educational partnerships a number of services related to program design and its practical implementation could be performed:

  • General design of the training program
  • Setting overall calendar and each course syllabus
  • Detailing the content of each course
  • Specifying learning assessment procedures
  • Setting student and teacher recruitment criteria
  • Providing practical support, if necessary, in the teacher and student recruitment process
  • Training teachers, normally through joint teaching sessions (Mod’Spé Paris Central Europe expert and local teachers), providing teaching materials (lesson resources, case studies, articles, bibliography, etc.)
  • Organizing educational visits to France
  • Evaluating the delivered training

Examples of educational partnerships

  • Training program for Product managers at the École Supérieure des Industries du Textile et de l’Habillement (ESITH) in Casablanca, Morocco
  • Master program in distribution at the École Supérieure des Ingénieurs Textile Habillement (ESITH)
  • MBA in Brand Creation & Development project (ESITH)
  • Three modular program: product manager, industrial model-maker and industrial stylist, CETTEX, Tunisia
  • Modernization of technical training centers in Egypt
  • Development of a fashion marketing program, teacher training and evaluation of results, Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design (PIFD)

Example of a past collaboration

Partnership with CETTEX, three modular programs

The educational partnership agreement between Mod’Spé Paris and CETTEX (Textile Technical Center, Tunisia) was signed as part of a broader program of cooperation between French and Tunisian institutions. The partnership led to the development of three modular, qualifying programs. These programs reflect the desire for closer links and mutual development between France and Tunisia. The aim of the program, in the short term, is to give companies working in the fashion and clothing industry access to skilled human resources capable to occupy key positions and to “boost their productivity, give them the skills they need to offer more services, and enhance their added value.” Mod’Spé Paris developed three training programs for working students and instructors on behalf of CETTEX, focusing on the key posts of industrial model-makers, product managers, buyers and industrial stylists. The training programs were delivered over a period of eight months by teachers from Mod’Spé Paris, including two months of hands-on practical experience in a company.

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